Meet the #Dailywriter


Life is not a problem to be solved, but a reality to be experienced.

Soren Kierkegaard

Writing always being my favourite for spent my whole day. I write everything but mostly i write about my personal life, travel, and all about Architecture. Iam an extrovert who really love writing, drawing, and go to a new place with my camera. Having crush with rain smell and London City.

Architecture is my world, my family always being my happiness, and Cats is my favourite living hairball.

Have an interesting in Urban Design, Landscape Architecture, Photography, then Typography. You can find my doodle with hastag #marisasukagambar in Instagram

If you have any question, find a penpal, or wanna be a contributor for an articel, just contact me at e-mail :

Warm regards,

Marisa Sugangga

an urban traveller, happy girl, and a #dailywriter (+62)


Instagram: marisasugangga

Linkedin: Marisa Sugangga

25 thoughts on “Meet the #Dailywriter

  1. ichaaa.
    duh, aya blum masukon icha ke bloglist..
    blum update” blog lagi nih, hehe
    mav ya chaa :)

  2. Halo, salam kenal.
    Mampir sejenak nih sambil baca-baca.

    Btw, cita-citanya sama niy :)
    Pengen keliling dunia sama membahagiakan ortu.
    Moga tercapai yah. Amien!

  3. marisa… jangan berkhayal kalo g’ berani bermimpi.. mimpi memang indah.. tapi marisa akan merasakan indah mimpi saat marisa berjuang (jalan) menuju impian tersebut. jangan jadi orang yang suka berkhayal, jadi orang yang bermimpi.. assalamualaikum

  4. warga multiply bogor juga lumayan banyak ,,,
    tgl 31 juli ini mp indonesia mau adain kopdar …

    aku juga ada di wp (okikuswanda @wp )
    silakan kunjungi :)

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